AUHF Conference and AGM 2011

The African Union for Housing Finance (AUHF) recently rounded up its two day conference on the 7th of September 2011.  Honorable Minister Tokyo Sexwale of the South African department of Human Settlements gave the opening address, which was followed by Barbara Hewson, the Head of UN Habitat Urban Finance. In total there were over 90 delegates from 18 countries across Africa. With the theme of the conference – Ingredients for Growth, several issues were raised as to how the housing and housing finance markets of African countries could increase their capacity to deliver and continue to grow. Some of the issues discussed included:

  • The development of appropriate housing and housing finance products, which are affordable to our populations, and contribute effectively towards adequate housing across our nations.
  • Promoting consumer education and financial literacy so that households can participate effectively in their housing processes.
  • An integrated delivery approach in which the development of housing occurs within a sound planning framework that includes the delivery of infrastructure services, and social and economic amenities.
  • Corruption in the housing system

After the conference rounded up, the members met to reflect on the ideas that emanated from the conference, and how these ideas will redefine the activities and focus of the member organizations and AUHF as an association.  The AUHF released a statement which is accessible on its website –

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