Housing Finance in Tunisia


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Housing was the second largest household expenditure item in 2018. This was already the case in 2017. Supply is significant, but the costs are high, and it is increasingly difficult for new households to afford housing. In February 2017, the Tunisian government launched the First Housing Programme with a special account of TD200 million or US$80 million. It targets middle income households wishing to buy their first home.

Tunisia has 3 289 900 units built. However, it is easier to rent accommodation. High construction costs are holding back households, and the supply of housing for rent is greater than for sale. Annual demand is estimated at 77 000 units. Forty percent of these dwellings are informally built on almost formally subdivided land. The real estate sector is an important part of the national GDP and contributes significantly to employment. It represents three percent of the state’s income through taxes, construction VAT and local property taxes. Real estate prices, on the other hand, have risen sharply, especially after 2011 and have reduced the number of households that could access decent housing.

To resolve this matter, assistance to the real estate sector is provided through subsidies with low interest rates and a tax exemption for home saving accounts. The Fonds National pour l’Amélioration de l’Habitat (national fund for housing improvement, FNAH) offers grants to people who earn less than the minimum wage. There are also land subsidies through various agencies whose objective is to reduce land speculation

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