CAHF & MFW4A Webinar – Opportunities for Pension Funds to Finance Affordable Housing (April 5, 2018)

The role of pension fund assets in supporting access to housing is hugely attractive to housing development advocates: pension funds offer a substantial source of domestic capital that could be used as end-user finance for housing or funding the housing development industry in general. Pension funds, unlike commercial banks, fall into that small group of asset holders with long-term horizons, which housing advocates see as a natural counter-point to the needs of borrowers for housing, who seek long-term finance. Notwithstanding the attractive investment opportunities (with forecasted returns of up to 20%) for affordable housing investments across Africa, this has historically been an overlooked asset class. However, the apparent reluctant to embrace housing (and other alternative assets) is due more to a lack of familiarity with, and experience in, housing than an aversion to the asset class per se.
This webinar will look to provide market insight and industry knowledge on the affordable housing market, as well as the opportunities available for pension funds to finance this asset from a housing financier’s perspective.


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