Call for proposals: ToR for Case Study on TUHF

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As part of its series of case studies, CAHF is commissioning a case study on TUHF Pty Ltd, a specialised commercial property financier in South Africa. TUHF drives inner city investment by providing access to finance for entrepreneurs to purchase and subsequently convert or refurbish existing buildings, delivering affordable residential units available for rental. To better understand how finance can play an innovative role in the provision of affordable housing and the rehabilitation of inner city buildings in African cities, this case study will unpack TUHF’s approach which targets emerging entrepreneurs for delivering inner city rental housing. The study will describe TUHF’s origins, and track the development of its approach over the course of the past fifteen years, highlighting its performance and successes, and describing in detail, the challenges it has faced. It will consider TUHF’s financing approach, its product offerings and lending methodology, and its funding model. The aim of the case study is to present a detailed analysis of TUHF’s experience and track record into the market with a view to considering its application in other African cities, while also highlighting for investors the very real potential of the niche rental market that TUHF targets.

Proposals are due by 12 noon, 13 February 2019 – no late submissions will be accepted.

If you have any queries, contact David Chiwetu at