Call for proposals: Research on the Residential Rental Market in Mozambique (ToR) - Deadline extended to 5 July 2019

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The deadline for this proposal has been extended to 5 July 2019.

In order to promote rental housing as a central component of housing markets across the continent, and to support investment into the sector, the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF), in partnership with FSD Mozambique (FSDMoz), is commissioning a study that explores and quantifies the residential rental sector, broadly defined, in Mozambique, with a particular focus on the affordable market.

Housing affordability is severely constrained in Mozambique with a large percentage of the Mozambican population being unable to access a formal mortgage or loan to purchase a finished house or to build a house. While households often opt to build their homes incrementally, it would appear that a significant number rent, whether formally or informally. Although it is evident that Mozambique has an active rental housing market, information and data available on rental market, especially the lower end of the rental market, is limited or poor. It is through this study that we aim to quantify and better understand the rental housing market in Mozambique.

This research will contribute to CAHF’s broader rental research programme which is aimed at understanding rental housing markets across Africa. This study follows on from a rental study undertaken by CAHF in four countries in Africa in 2017, which lays the foundation for improved data and analytics on rental markets going forward. As part of this prior work, a Rental Housing Market Framework with key indicators was developed to understand the different data sources relevant to the various categories of indicators for the rental sector and appropriate methodologies for accessing and collecting these indicators. The intention of this project is to apply this rental framework to Mozambique, to gather data to develop an understanding of Mozambique’s rental market.The project will also contribute to an improved understanding of the rental housing challenges in Mozambique in order to inform housing finance policy.

Proposals are due by 5 July 2019 – no late submissions will be accepted.

If you have any queries, contact Manitha Nadasan at