Call for proposals: ToR PILOT OPEN DATA PORTAL & Feasibility Study

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As part of its mission to enhance and deliver data and analytics to the field, CAHF is commissioning the development and delivery of a pilot open data portal and a feasibility study directing CAHF on the means by which a fully-functioning open data portal might be accomplished.  The portal would have two overall objectives:

  • first, to provide a platform on which to list, capture and showcase all relevant and useful datasets, to support greater data-led decision making; and
  • second, to crowdsource analytics and data, encouraging investment analysts, and public policy makers, academics, and others to undertake analysis in support of affordable housing investment.

Outward facing, the portal would be a service to the housing and investment community, providing easier access to often hidden data.  Inward facing, the portal would inform CAHF on the type of data collected and analytics undertaken and the potential to build indicators towards the broader objective of stimulating in-vestment in affordable housing across the continent.

The contact is Alfred, and proposals are due 31 January, 12 noon