Case Study 12 | The Role of Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations in Kenya’s Housing Finance Sector

This report describes the role of SACCOs in Kenya’s housing finance sector. The work of Stima SACCO and Stima Investment Cooperative Society, two heavily subscribed and active organizations, is highlighted as a technical example of the way cooperatives are providing affordable housing. The government’s support of the sector and other current developments are also discussed, as is its overall health, in an effort to help potential investors assess risk and identify opportunities. Increasing SACCOs’ access to capital is crucial for their ongoing growth. It is hoped that the report will shed some light on the industry and thereby facilitate affordable housing investment in Kenya.

We hope that this case study, and the other case studies in the series, contribute to the development of imaginative solutions by housing finance practitioners across the continent, assisting them in adapting initiatives to manage the vast array of challenges they face daily.

This case study was prepared with the support of FSD Africa


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