Construction Industry and Construction Materials Industry in Mozambique (Project Memo)

This is a publication from the International Growth Centre (ICG).

Mozambique’s construction sector has one of the strongest growth outlooks across Sub-Saharan Africa. Today, the industry is driven by the huge investments pledged to infrastructure improvements that are designed to support the country’s rapidly developing oil and gas, and mining sectors.

However, there are several significant barriers to the development of the construction industry in the country. First, there is a lack of coordination and information failures among institutional and private players. Second, the workforce is not sufficiently qualified and management practices are poor. Third, there is low demand for construction services.

The IGC built on its previous work and support to the Mozambican Ministry of Public Works to elaborate a background study for a detailed sector policy, including the identification and forms of articulation of key areas of intervention. The report suggests various policy strategies to overcome these barriers, including the establishment of an Inter-ministerial Forum of the Construction Industry.

The recommendations are being used by the Ministry of Public Works Housing and Hydric Resources (MOPHRH) to inform their workplan.

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