Economics of Housing in Nigeria: Housing Cost Benchmarking & Housing Economic Value Chain Analysis

The Abuja International Housing Show (AIHS) dubbed as “Africa’s largest housing and construction show” is an annual event that took off over a decade ago and the latest 13th edition was held on the 23rd- 26th of July 2019 in Abuja, Nigeria.  The theme for 2019 was premised on “Driving Sustainable Housing Finance Models in the Midst of Global Uncertainty.’’ This presentation, given at the 13th edition of the AIHS, provides an overview of the economics of housing in Nigeria by unpacking the housing economic value chain, understanding housing conditions and demand and  comparing CAHF Housing Cost Benchmarks for Lagos, Kigali, Nairobi and Johannesburg. The presentation highlights recommendations focused on reframing Nigeria’s housing strategy in order to strengthen the housing value chain for affordable housing sector engagement.

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