Kenya Housing Market Mapping and Value Chain Analysis

Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) with support from MasterCard Foundation has embarked on a program model focused on building capacity of key actors in the market, particularly financial service providers (FSPs), to offer vibrant, viable and scalable housing microfinance (HMF) products for low income sectors of Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya. HFHI is implementing this project through its Center for Innovation in Shelter and Finance (CISF). The partnership with the FSPs focuses on developing appropriate HMF products, which requires market knowledge. It is for this reason that HFHI commissioned Ayani Inclusive Financial Sector Consultants (Ayani) to carry out a housing value chain study in Kenya. The overall purpose of this study is to deepen and strengthen understanding of Kenya’s low income housing sector for FSPs and other stakeholders, in order to increase their ability to provide affordable products that promote access to housing for the low-income earning communities in Kenya.

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