Liberia: Employer Assisted Housing Feasibility Study

Developing the affordable housing sector in Liberia can be a major achievement in the post-Ebola recovery efforts by both improving living conditions and contributing to economic development. The housing sector in Liberia is however facing numerous challenges, both on the supply and demand sides of the housing value chain and few developers have sought to grow the affordable housing stock.

Within this context Miyamoto Liberia, a local engineering company and a franchise of Miyamoto International, has expressed strong interest in promoting employer-assisted housing projects in Liberia. Miyamoto Liberia has sought support from the Affordable Housing Institute in order to assess the state of readiness of the Liberian housing sector and participate in the development of a business plan. As a first step the Affordable Housing Institute (AHI) has received funding from the Center for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF) to develop a feasibility study for the development of employer-assisted housing in Liberia.

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