Pensions and Housing webinar

If African pension funds are to become a viable source of capital for Africa’s housing needs, they need to have the ability and willingness to invest in the asset class. Their ability is affected by regulation, capacity and other factors. Are they allowed to invest in alternative assets? If so, under what conditions and how much of their AuM can they allocate? The willingness of African pension funds to invest in the asset class is affected by their understanding of the housing sector and the risks involved as well as their assessment of how the asset class fits with their investment policy and strategy.

This webinar will provide an overview of the pensions industry in key African markets in terms of assets under management, regulation, and investment portfolios with a focus on housing. What has been the experience of African pension funds in the sector? What is their approach to housing – is it an opportunity? What opportunities and risks do they see? What is the regulatory view?

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