Policy Development in Support of Housing Microfinance: The Tanzanian Case

The 6th African Microfinance Conference was held in Durban from the 12th to the 15th of August 2013. The conference had five sub themes, and sub theme 1 focused on policies and practices in housing finance in Africa. Various themes were explored under different sessions by panellists well versed in their respective professions.

The themes were as follow: Emerging Practice in Housing Microfinance in Africa; Opportunities in Housing Microfinance in Africa: taking stock of the practice; Investor Climate for HMF in Africa; Investor Climate for HMF in Africa; and Policy developments in support  of HMF, followed by a workshop on the last day of the conference.

This presentation was given by Judith Sando from WAT- Human Settlements Trust (an organisation with the mandate to improve living conditions for middle to low income households and secure tenure through affordable housing finance). The presentation gives a highlight of the Tanzanian housing market and the challenges that the sector faces. 

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