CAHF Community of Practice: Benchmarking research in Kenya

From the 30-31 August 2018, CAHF held its first Community of Practice Meeting with the theme, “Impact of Housing on the Economy”. The meeting brought together our network of consultants from across the continent to deliberate on the role of the housing sector on the broader economy of their countries. The meeting commenced with a technical overview of CAHF’s Housing Economic Value Chain (HEVC) work which outlined the value chain modeling methodology and how it has been adapted to measure the economic impact of the construction and rental of housing.

To determine the strategic application of the HEVC across the continent, participants were asked to prepare presentations on the relevance of the model in their resident countries. Click the button below to download the presentation by Seeta Shah, Investment Manager at Global Property Advice.

The presentation includes insights into how CAHF’s Benchmarking Construction Cost study can be used to validate the anecdotal accounts of housing developers and shares opportunities and challenges along Kenya’s housing value chain.

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