Report series: Landscape of Housing Investment - Morocco

Morocco’s housing sector has changed significantly over the past ten years, and is becoming increasingly attractive to international investors and local developers.  This report includes insights and analysis into the depth and breadth of investment in Morocco’s housing and housing finance sector.  Highlighting both public and private sector interventions, the report profiles local and foreign institutional investors, outlining the investment processes underway and scoping current investment activity in housing.  The paper concludes with an overview of investment challenges and opportunities to improve the landscape for investment in housing in Morocco.

This paper is part of a series of studies scoping the landscape of housing investment in Africa.  The overall goal of this project is to quantify the breadth and depth of investment activity in housing and housing finance across Africa, and to establish a mechanism to track this information. This project collects data and highlights gaps and opportunities in the investment landscape. With this information, stakeholders can stimulate greater investment in affordable housing, connect with investors and essential institutions, and understand the instruments that have the greatest impact on the housing finance market in Morocco.

On the whole, the data available on the state of investments in the sector is limited and where it does exist, it does not provide investors with the type of disaggregated information on housing-specific investment activity. This has lowered investors’ accuracy when it comes to measuring the cost and benefits of market participation and calculating risk. It has also limited the identification of investment opportunities along the housing and housing finance value chains. Documenting this information is necessary to promote investor confidence and attract additional investments to the sector. Additionally, it will provide important knowledge and guide the decisions to policymakers and financial stakeholders towards improving and enabling these markets.

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