SERI: A Resource Guide to Housing in South Africa 1994-2010 – Legislation, Policy, Programmes and Practice

The Socio Economic Rights Institute (SERI) has published an excellent resource guide, providing an overview to housing in South Africa.  Written by Kate Tissington, the guide is an adaptation of a paper on housing policy and development since 1994, prepared for the Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute (SPII) as part of a larger research project to compile a measurement matrix of progressive realization of socio-economic rights in South Africa.  This is possibly the best source of information on the vast library of policy and legislation that influence the housing sector in South Africa.

SERI is a non-profit organisation providing professional, dedicated and expert socio-economic rights assistance to individuals, communities and social movements in South Africa.  SERI conducts research, engages with government, advocates for policy and legal reform, facilitates civil society coordination and mobilisation, and litigates in the public interest.  Their thematic areas are housing and evictions, basic services (water, sanitation and electricity) and migrant rights and livelihoods. For more information visit SERI’s website.

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