Tanzania Mortgage Market Update | December 2016

This quarterly report prepared by the the Bank of Tanzania and Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company Ltd. focuses specifically on the mortgage market in Tanzania for the forth (Q4) quarter of 2016. The report looks at the trends in the market from the previous quarter and in general. A key highlight of the report is that there are 28 institutions offering mortgages with an overall growth of 16 percent for the year 2016, much lower than the previous year (45%) but still over GDP growth in Tanzania.

A key challenge is the high interest rates offered (between 16 – 19%) and low supply of affordable mortgageable housing .  Outstanding mortgage debt stood at US$191 million as at December 2016. The report provides more detail on these aspects and more.

The Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF) has accessed this document from an external source. For this reason, we cannot take responsibility for its contents, which lies with its authors and publisher. We welcome commentary on its accuracy and relevance, which we will be happy to pass on.

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