ToR: Landscapes of Investment- West and North Africa

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The Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF) has recently launched its Investor Programme which investigates and clarifies key investment and investor issues in the housing sector in Africa. With the intention of identifying and championing increased investment in affordable housing across the continent, CAHF has commissioned a study on the investment landscapes across the African continent. The study constitutes key insights into local and foreign institutional investors including their institutional type, sources of capital, and other parameters that define their investment model.

The research project has collected data, highlights gaps and identifies opportunities in the investment landscape in Africa. So far, the study has profiled investors and investment instruments with the greatest impact on the housing finance market in Central Africa and the East African Community (EAC). The research has also resulted in the development of an investment tracking tool to follow trends in the housing and housing finance investments over time.

Since investment begets investment, the study will aim to establish how the landscape of investment assists market stakeholders in both the private, public and development finance sectors, to refocus their strategies further.

CAHF seeks to contract a consultant to undertake the West and North African segment of this study. The prospective consultant will be responsible for providing CAHF with market overview and market performance data on the investment environment in West and North Africa. In addition, the prospective consultant will be expected to provide analysis on the competitive market horizon of investments in the housing and housing finance sectors of these regions. This data and analysis should focus on investments in the housing and housing finance sector while connecting this to the overall investment landscape of each countries in the region.


The overall goal of the project is to stimulate increased investment in affordable housing across the continent from a diversity of funding sources and to establish housing and housing finance as a viable way of diversifying the investment portfolios of institutional investors.

With this goal in mind, the report should be targeted at potential investors in the public, private and DFI sectors.


The overall objective of this project is to identify the breadth of investment activity with respect to housing and housing finance across Africa, and to feed this data into an investment tracking instrument that follows investment in the sector over time. The research project aims to,

  • Profile investors in the housing and housing finance sector in terms of funding source, size, geographic location, their primary and secondary customers as well as strategic focus of these institutions.
  • Profile the investment instruments (vehicles) used to invest in West and North Africa with a particular focus on the housing and housing finance sector
  • Profile the operational environment in West and North Africa including regulatory and legislative environments and their impact on investor interest, confidence, ROIs etc.
  • Gather data on the housing finance markets performance in an appropriate format to feed this into a tracking instrument
  • Investigate the impact of DFI investment on the affordability and sustainability of the housing and housing finance markets
  • Identify key barriers to investors including market information asymmetries

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