Township Residential Property Markets Newsletter: Update No. 6

This newsletter is based on the Township Residential Property Markets (TRPM) conducted in 2003 and 2004 and sponsored by the FinMark Trust, Ford Foundation, Micro Finance Regulatory Council / USAID, the South African National Treasury and the National Housing Finance Corporation. The study considered the performance and dynamics of property markets in South Africa’s former black townships.  The methodology involved a overall literature review, deeds search, survey of estate agents and developers, windshield survey, a household survey of 2000 respondents over 18 former black township areas in South Africa, and a survey of entrepreneurs.  Eighteen reports were prepared over the three phases.

The main purpose of TRPM News is to provide regular discusion of issues and summary or laws, policies, research, forthcoming events, and developments that affect the workings of residential property markets. This edition focused on housing affordability in relation to the income equality present in the market.

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