Driving a better understanding of Housing Markets: Mozambique - Angola Study Tour

CAHF and Development Workshop Angola held a Mozambique- Angola Housing Study Tour to facilitate peer learning in housing development, financing and investment models.

Purpose of the study tour

CAHF identified the opportunity for a participatory information exchange with its local partners, DWA in Angola and FSDMoç in Mozambique. The aim of the study tour was to enable the parties to share experiences and build networks, providing support to both the public and private sectors in these Lusophone countries to respond to the challenges and opportunities within their local context .

The specific objectives were to,

  • Share research and experiences in affordable housing policy, market approaches to affordable housing and affordable housing finance,
  • Share experience in stimulating affordable housing finance sector development,
  • Provide the basis for longer term exchange and ongoing correspondence between key stakeholders in support of their work
  • To see a noted impact and improvement of housing in Mozambique and Angola with lessons learnt from both housing and housing finance experience in a Lusophone context

CAHF’s work in Angola (Supported by Development Workshop)

  • Research and Advocacy Programme
  • Angola’s Housing Sectors: Understanding Market Dynamics, Performance and Opportunities

–Private sector, cooperative housing sector, owner builders, rental market housing study

CAHF’s work in Mozambique

  • Housing Investment Chronicles
  • To develop a better understanding of housing investment undertaken by low to moderate – income households in Mozambique and launched in Maputo in December 2017.
  • Going forward, key linkages and support will be created as has been done with DWA and supporting the Angolan housing and housing finance sector.

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