Exhibition in New York until 9 January 2011

There’s an interesting exhibition on at the UN Headquarters in New York City until the 9th of January.  Entitled, “Design with the Other 90%: CITIES”, the exhibition features sixty case studies of initiatives that address the complex issues arising from the unprecedented rise of informal settlements in emerging and developing economies.  The exhibition is showcases work by communities, designers, architects, and private, civic and public organisations that are delivering innovative approaches to urban planning, infrastructure provision, affordable housing, entrepreneurship, public health and other issues.  The website for the exhibition is worth visiting (and its closer), with videos and lesson plans, recommended links, and stories about all the different cases.  About 16 of the case studies come from Africa – one from Egypt, another from Senegal, and a number from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa.  Visit http://designother90.org/cities/home

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