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Fifty-eight percent of all residential properties on South Africa’s deeds registry are valued at less than R500 000 (about US$70 000).  This is the affordable market.  The affordable housing market in South Africa includes the government subsidised housing sector, gap market housing, new and old stock. This property market services 88% of South African households. And yet, we know very little about it.

Citymark is an initiative focused on the affordable property market in South Africa. Drawing deeds data from the South African deeds registry and survey data from StatsSA and other sources, Citymark provides information on all suburbs in South Africa’s major metros. Providing data at the suburb level, Citymark provides insight into residential property market size, market dynamic and performance, and other factors.   Consolidated analysis includes trends, levels of churn in different areas and the average value of properties. The tool focuses on the performance of affordable housing in South Africa, and offers insights into investment opportunities.

Citymark is intended for use by local authorities, developers, and lenders, as a tool to enable sound investment decisions in affordable housing in South Africa.  In addition, the tool can be used by policy makers and regulators, researchers, students and professionals to increase understanding of the affordable housing market and enable constructive policy choices.

Citymark is an outgrowth of the Affordable Land + Housing Data Centre (al+hdc), which was a joint venture between FinMark Trust and Urban LandMark, with support from Lightstone and Eighty 20.  Citymark was developed with funding from the FinMark Trust.

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