Housing and the Economy

CAHF has recently completed three studies that give us clearer answers to these two questions, and many others as well. The studies are ground-breaking in their approaches, venturing into territories where real information is scarce, and data to build that information severely lacking. While we don’t claim to have definitively answered these questions, we have come a long way to develop replicable approaches that give us more certainty than ever before. And this, we hope, will be the foundation on which better and more accurate information will grow across the African continent. The studies will continue over the next year, with CAHF deepening our knowledge of these methodologies, and extending the methodologies to other African countries.

Over the course of 2017, a series of blogs will be posted that consider the role of residential construction and residential rental in Africa’s developing economies, as well as on comparing the costs of producing affordable residential accommodation in fifteen African countries. In addition, we will share with you how these studies – one viewing housing from a macro-economic viewpoint, and the other from a micro-economic viewpoint, start to combine to build a better picture of the role of housing in developing economies.

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