South Africa’s National Planning Commission releases new diagnostic report

The National Planning Commission (NPC) of South Africa recently launched a public dialogue last week with the release of a diagnostic report. The commission is an advisory body of the South African government, and is tasked with preparing recommendations on issues affecting the country’s long-term development, published this report covering a number of areas including human and material conditions, nation building, the economy, and institutions and governance.

With regard to housing and housing finance, the report states that there has been a failure in coordinating delivery of housing infrastructure as part of the broader process of building vibrant and viable human settlements. Thus, it recommends that there needs to be a shift of the housing function to municipalities (local government). The report also suggests an infrastructure programme that would help reduce carbon emissions and environmental impacts.

It is possible to access the five reports of the NPC working groups on Additionally, views on the report and the proposed plan could be relayed electronically through

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