Funding innovation in housing finance

Our partner, FSD Africa, has been a critical enabler of the work that CAHF does.  FSDA has worked with CAHF because of the critical role that housing plays in economic development beyond providing shelter, privacy and physical security for home occupiers. Affordable housing is a crucial intervention for poverty reduction and has a long-lasting effect on the prosperity of local communities and regional economies. More recently, FSDA has invested in Sofala Capital, working to support the expansion of accessible housing finance across sub-Saharan Africa to reduce poverty and increase economic prosperity.  In this video, FSDA’s CEO Mark Napier describes the strategy behind the investment in Sofala, as well as in Zambian Home Loans and iBuild Home Loans.

Also take a look at the Press Release, announcing FSDA’s investment in Sofala and Zambian Home Loans.

And see the panel discussion from the 2018 Annual Conference of the African Union for Housing Finance, which focused on this investment.



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