Housing Finance in Mauritius


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The island nation of the Republic of Mauritius is situated on the southeast coast of Africa, with a population of 1 266 000. The gross domestic product (GDP) of Mauritius grew 3.6 percent in 2019. Prior to COVID-19, Mauritius was reported as being one of only three countries in Africa that did not have a housing deficit. However during the COVID-19 lockdown period informal settlements have been reported with 170 squatters settling in parts of Mauritius on state land.

The 2011 Housing and Population Report indicates that there were 358 930 housing units in Mauritius, of which 58 percent were rural and 42 percent urban.  It was further reported that 99 percent of housing units were privately owned, of which only 12 percent were mortgaged and 78 percent were non-mortgaged. Eight percent of households were rented.

Social housing delivery is administered by the Housing Division of the Ministry of Housing and Land Use Planning, who is responsible for formulating strategies and policies for the social housing sector and for implementing social housing programmes through the National Housing Development Corporation Ltd. (NHDC). The 2020-2021 Budget provides for the construction of 12 000 houses to be delivered over the next three years to accelerate housing delivery.

Access to affordable housing to either buy or rent for the working and middle class is difficult, with only 2 357 social housing units being built by the NHDC and the National Empowerment Foundation (NEF) between 2015 and 2020. The working and middle class population continue to face challenges around accessing affordable housing units for purchase or rent.

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Each year, CAHF publishes its Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook. The profile above is from the 2020 edition, which has up-to-date profiles for 55 African countries.

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