2022 Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook: Call for applications to edit country profiles and serve as back-up writers for country profiles which are not delivered

Deadline for applications: 11 July 2022, 16h00 CAT (South Africa time)

The flagship publication of CAHF, the Housing Finance in Africa Yearbookis a highly-respected source of information on the state of the housing finance sector on the continent, targeted for housing finance practitioners, investors, researchers and government officials. 2022 will mark our 13th edition, which will be launched in early November 2022–containing 55 country profiles, and published in English and French.

The Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook provides a current update of practice and developments in housing finance in Africa, reflecting the dynamic change and growth evident in the market in each country and region. While the general aim of the Yearbook is to offer a broad overview of housing finance and housing development in Africa, special emphasis is placed on the key challenge of housing affordability and access to housing processes for low income households, as well as the critical need for housing products and finance that are explicitly targeted at the income profiles of the majority.

The 2021 Yearbook can be viewed at: https://housingfinanceafrica.org/resources/yearbook/ .

All profiles will reflect updated information and data on housing finance markets across these countries and regions. The 2022 Yearbook profiles will follow the same basic structure as last year’s edition, but is more aligned to CAHF’s Data Agenda process this year and will therefore also consider gender and climate change / green issues in relation to affordable housing. Profiles are limited to between 3 600 – 4000 words excluding references and text boxes, and are delivered in either English or French.

This call for proposals is for the editing of the 2022 country profiles and for the completing and / or writing up of country profiles in cases where the originally appointed author does not deliver by deadline or to the required standard.

Skills required:

  • Applicants should have a background in the housing and housing finance sector in Africa. Knowledge of climate change, green building and gender issues is a bonus. Editors will be required to engage with profile content in accordance with the Terms of Reference provided.
  • Applicants should demonstrate excellent writing skills in either English or French.
  • Applicants must have previous editing and research experience.
  • The Yearbook places a high premium on data accuracy, quality and replicability and as such statistical literacy is required. Editors will be required to check that the profiles meet the rigorous guidelines as set in the style sheet regarding citations and references and check that the facts are correct in terms of the references provided.

Editing requirements:

  • The country profiles require at least two rounds of editing. The first draft of the completed profiles are due on 29 August 2022. The majority of the editing will take place during September 2022, although some profiles may be delivered before the due date.
  • Attendance at an editing webinar on Wednesday 10 August 2022 to explain the editing requirements and process.
  • Profiles will be allocated on a one-on-one rotational basis according to regional expertise and language.
  • Editors can expect between 2 and 5 country profiles to edit in total.
  • Turn-around times for edits are urgent (between 2-4 days).
  • The first edit is focused on content, fact-checking of references and clarity. A detailed Terms of Reference has been provided to the authors to guide content in the sections required. The CAHF team will also provide guidance on content issues.
  • The second edit is to check that the author has amended the profile in accordance with comments provided on the first draft, updated references and to correct profiles so that the profiles meet the requirements of the Style Sheet.
  • Flexibility and open communication with the CAHF editing team.

Contracts will be drawn up for each appointed editor and will be based on a payment of R2 500 per country profile. Between 2 and 5 profiles will be allocated to each editor.

Contracts for back-up country profile write-ups and / or completion of country profiles will be drawn up on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the extent of write-up required, a fee will be negotiated. A complete profile write up will be contracted at R10 000. Contractors will be allocated 2 – 3 weeks to do the full write-up.

Applicants must be willing to work with short turn-around times and be flexible regarding the number of profiles and countries allocated to them.

Individuals or organisations / companies may apply.

In order to apply, please submit the following to susan@housingfinanceafrica.org by 11 July 2022.

  • Short cover letter, indicating your qualifications to provide editing / research capacity for the yearbook. Your cover letter should indicate which countries and or particular regions you are most familiar with and state you language preference and capacity (English or French).
  • Updated CV indicating your country of residence.
  • Two references including contact details.
  • Two short writing samples: articles or reports. Pieces related to housing or housing finance, and which include data analysis, are preferable.


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