A review of the Housing Data Landscape in Kenya

Earlier in the year, 71point4 embarked on a review of the housing data landscape of 3 priority countries in Africa: Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria.

In this document, we focus on the outcome of that review of the data landscape in Kenya, as outlined below:

  1. A review of data sources on housing
  2. Establishing the context
  3. A deep dive into the housing needs and choices
  4. A review of the rental market
  5. Identification of gaps, trends and opportunities

On overall, the assessment of data availability in Kenya’s housing sector has highlighted a number of data gaps and limitations regarding available data. Data gaps along various components of the housing value chain affect the ability to accurately measure investment in Kenya’s housing sector, measure the contribution of housing to Kenya’s economy and measure access to finance and affordability.


Download the Slide Deck Here

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