AUHF Annual Conference: Mobilising Capital for Housing Finance, 11-13 September 2013, Mauritius

Across Africa, housing finance systems are developing in scale and diversity, creating opportunities for investors and practitioners, and promoting a new category for economic growth.  The potential demand for housing is substantial. UN Habitat reports that 46 African cities are now larger than one million people, and 17 of the world’s 100 fastest growing cities are in Africa.  These new urban residents all need housing, and as economies and incomes grow, there is a real business proposition in responding to this demand.  Is the investment community ready to support this growth?

This year’s AUHF conference seeks to address a key challenge faced by housing practitioners across the continent: raising enough capital to meet the growing demand for housing and housing finance.  Hosted by AUHF-member, the Mauritius Housing Company, this conference will include presentations, panel discussions, in-depth break-away sessions, an industry exhibition, and a site visit.  The conference is set to attract businesses and governments from across Africa and globally, to consider the opportunities of investing in housing finance in Africa.   Join housing finance practitioners, investors, lenders, developers, and government officials to debate the critical challenge facing the growth of housing markets in Africa.

Conference Sessions (11-12 September 2013):

  • A new landscape of housing finance investors
  • Donor perspectives on housing finance investment in Africa
  • Capital at different speeds: linking donor and investor interests
  • Understanding Chinese investment interest in residential development
  • Mechanisms to channel local capital into housing finance
  • Getting the data right – using data to lead investor interest
  • Building a solid value chain for investment in housing

Site visit on 13 September 2013

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