AUHF Factsheet: A Review of Ghana's Housing Data Landscape

This document is targeted at Ghana’s key data producers and custodians and provides a summary of the Data Landscape Review’s main findings and recommendations.

The assessment of data availability and data quality in Ghana’s housing sector has highlighted a number of data gaps and limitations regarding available data. However, there is an important opportunity for regulators – the Bank of Ghana, the Ministry of Works & Housing, and others – as well as the Ghana Statistical Service, to unlock, disaggregate, disseminate and further gather critical data to support housing investment in Ghana.

The full Data Landscape report for Ghana can be accessed here

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2 responses to “AUHF Factsheet: A Review of Ghana’s Housing Data Landscape

  1. Robert Adongo on 27th July 2023 at 8:21 pm

    A very insightful paper. Can i please get the data set used for this study?

    1. Hello Robert – apologies for the delay in replying. The full data set is included on the Reall website:

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