AUHF Roundtable Deck: Impact of Housing in the Economy

On the 30th October 2023, the AUHF, its member Shelter Afrique, the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa, and the Namibian government hosted a Roundtable, inviting African governments, the African Union and development finance institutions working in affordable housing across Africa, to discuss the impact of housing on the economy and the opportunity for growth that this provides for African governments.

The roundtable was attended by delegations from 5 countries namely Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The delegations were led by their respective Deputy Minister or Permanent Secretary as listed below;

# Country Name of Representative Designation Ministry
1. Namibia Hon. Eveline !Nawases-Taeyele Deputy Minister Ministry of Urban and Rural Development
2. South Africa Hon. Pamela Tshwete Deputy Minister National Department of Human Settlements
3. Tanzania Hon Geophrey M. Pinda Deputy Minister Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development
4. Zambia Prof Albert Malama Permanent Secretary Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development
5. Zimbabwe Hon. Yeukai Simbanegavi Deputy Minister Ministry of National Housing & Social Amenities


Download the Roundtable Deck Here

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