CAHF Housing Finance Yearbook Webinar Series: Focus on Central Africa

Launched in December 2019, CAHF’s webinar series is inspired by recent information from our Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook 2019 which covers 55 countries and 5 regions of the continent. The third webinar was held on Friday, 19th June, 2020, focusing on the Central African Region. The webinar (conducted in French) covered the key themes emerging in the Central African region relating to housing and housing finance including: the regional economic outlook, demographics and urbanization trends; income and affordability; access to finance; policy and regulation.

The webinar also covered the experiences in accessing housing and housing finance data in the Central African countries, reflecting on the potential for strengthening data production, dissemination and access within the region.

Panelists for the webinar included CAHF’s Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook 2019  authors for Central Africa region: Dr. Christian L. Nguena and Dr. Frank NM Banze. In addition, the panel included guest speakers from United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat): Mr. Oumar Sylla, Acting Director for the Regional Office for Africa and Dr. Claude Meutchehe Ngomsi, Programme Management Officer. The discussion was moderated by CAHF’s Francophone Programme Manager, Olivier Vidal.

The full audio recording of the webinar in French will be available here shortly.

Download the 2019 Central African Regional Profile here.

The presentation in French is below.

Download PDF

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