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The Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa has an exciting and dynamic programme of work planned for the next five years – and we have set this out in an initial two year plan. We are calling on consultants, service providers, and housing sector professionals with expertise and experience in working in Africa to submit expressions of interest to participate in our programme.

Across the diversity of projects included in our programme of work, we are looking for the following skills and work experience:

  • Housing, land, infrastructure, finance policy and regulatory frameworks
  • Financial product development, including credit, savings, transaction banking, insurance, affordability supports, etc., relating to end user finance, construction finance
  • Housing finance product development and analysis including mortgage finance, housing microfinance, pension backed loans, micro-mortgages, etc.
  • Housing value chains including land, property markets, infrastructure, housing construction, both in terms of “traditional” and incremental housing processes, and both in support of ownership, rental and other tenure arrangements
  • Finance value chains including the capital market, equity, debt, savings, etc
  • Property markets, with specific focus on affordable property markets
  • Economics relevant to CAHF’s work
  • Informal economies relevant to CAHF’s work
  • Data collection, analytics and quantitative research
  • Data architecture, business intelligence, dashboard development
  • Development of indices and other analytical tools to assist CAHF achieve its objectives
  • Social survey and qualitative research
  • Investor engagement, facilitation, deal making, programming
  • Desk-top analysis, case study writing
  • Professional development, course development, lecturing, adult education
  • Consumer education and protection, with a special focus on housing, housing finance and property markets
  • Strategy and business development consulting relating to CAHF’s work and the housing finance sector across Africa
  • Advocacy relating to CAHF’s work and the housing finance sector across Africa
  • Communications relating to CAHF’s work and the housing finance sector across Africa

We are looking for professionals with experience working across the continent, or who have international experience that could be usefully brought to bear in an African context. Specific country experience is desirable and should be explicitly noted. Excellent writing and communication skills are desired, and the capacity to work in an inter-disciplinary way, across the housing and finance sectors, is highly valued. Experience at a senior level, whether among government or the private sector is sought. Fluency in French, Portuguese or other relevant languages in addition to English is also sought. Familiarity with CAHF’s business case, theory of change, and approach will be beneficial.

Interested professionals are invited to submit their company profile, CVs, references, and a cover letter outlining relevant experience (both in terms of content and geography) and preferred CAHF projects in which they would like to be involved (referencing our project plan), to Samuel Suttner (samuel@housingfinanceafrica.org), by email, by Friday, 27 February 2015. Submissions should be limited to 5 pages in total. In addition, submissions should include company registration documents, a valid tax clearance certificate and BEE certificate. A short list of preferred consultants will be developed and used by CAHF to source expertise as it seeks to implement its programme of work over the next year.

* CAHF has also issued calls for two full-time staff positions: a research specialist and a finance/office manager.

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