Call for proposals: Value chain analysis DRC

Terms of Reference

Housing Value Chain Analysis

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

About Habitat for Humanity (HFH)

HFH is an international non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness worldwide. Since 1976, HFH has helped 6.8 million people find strength, stability and independence through safe, decent and affordable shelter. HFH works through a broad network of national organizations and strategic partners such as corporations, financial service providers, individuals, non-governmental organizations, foundations, local governments, and private- / third-sector actors.


About the Terwilliger Center for Innovation and Shelter (Terwilliger Center)

HFH launched the Terwilliger Center to facilitate collaboration between public, private, and third-sector partners and to develop sustainable and innovative housing solutions for the 1.6 billion people worldwide who lack adequate shelter. Through the center, HFH aims to serve as a place of knowledge, expertise, advice, and innovation; enabling poor families to acquire adequate shelter.


Engaging with local MFIs has been an important step for the center to help market actors bring innovation and solutions in affordable housing. Through the microfinance movement, there are many MFIs delivering financial services to low-income households, including those working in the informal sector. These partnerships with local MFIs develop viable products that address clients’ housing finance needs.  


Objectives of the Assignment

To document the current state of the housing construction market system in DRC. 

The objective of this assignment is to conduct a market system analysis of the housing construction sector, focusing on low income, owner occupied housing.  The analysis will identify and map the main actors, producers and suppliers of products and services within this sector; analyse gaps between supply and demand; and propose market oriented interventions that could support the expansion of housing products and non-financial construction related services to BOP customers.

Deadline: 22nd of May 2018. For more information on how to apply, please visit the Habitat for Humanity Website  

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