Housing Developments in the Nairobi Metropolitan Area

Kenya has an annual, estimated housing demand of 150,000 – 200,000 housing units, with an estimated housing supply of approximately 50,000 housing units annually. While these statistics have been circulating widely across the market, stakeholders in the housing space highlight that data on the current housing supply within the NMA is scanty. The data sits on a few individual developer websites and a few property websites, and hence the market lacks a one-stop source of data on housing developments.

To address this gap, CAHF, in collaboration with FSDKenya and FSDA-Investments, have developed this dashboard as part of the Open Access Initiative.  The dashboard shows the distribution of approximately 30,000 housing units in over 1,000 projects within the Nairobi Metropolitan Area, covering four of the five counties in the metro – namely Kiambu, Kajiado, Nairobi, and Machakos.  (The 5th county within the NMA is Murang’a County, a mainly agricultural area with the majority of housing units being self-built).

The dashboard provides an array of data points on the status of current, underway and planned housing projects including their precise location, price points, density, unit typology, utilities, service charge and amenities. The data was collected by CAHF, drawing on developer websites, brochures and some interviews.  2022 data was collected in November and December of 2022 and is current at that date.  2021 data was collected throughout that year and was current at that date.  Looking forward, CAHF and its partners will continue to collect this data on an annual basis, inviting developers to also review, amend and submit their data on an ad hoc basis throughout the year.

Please access the User Guide and Definitions Document to assist you in using the dashboard.  To access the full dataset, please email Beatrice: Beatrice@housingfinanceafrica.org. Note – the data is current as of the date of collection – any changes/additions to the data as presented can be submitted to Beatrice Mwangi.  The user is part of the data validation process. We welcome comments or additions from developers, property managers, and other sector practitioners.

Click this link to view a guide on how to use this dashboard: https://housingfinanceafrica.org/app/uploads/2023/09/How-to-use-the-NMA-Housing-Developments-Dashboard.pdf


Data Source: This dashboard utilizes housing developments data collected between 2021 and 2022 from developers, property managers, contractors, project websites, developer websites, real estate agents and other online sources. The user is part of the data validation process and we therefore welcome comments and amendments. Please feel free to contact Beatrice Mwangi at beatrice@housingfinanceafrica.org with any comments or questions.

Suggested Citation: Centre for Affordable Housing Finance. Nairobi Metropolitan Area Dashboard: Housing Developments in the NMA (2021-2023) https://housingfinanceafrica.org/documents/housing-developments-in-the-nairobi-metropolitan-area/ 

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