Housing Finance Data Agenda Manifesto and Strategy

As part of our Data Agenda project, we have developed two documents which set out the rationale for the Data Agenda and our plans to implement the programme. The Data Agenda Manifesto states our objective and vision, as well as the underlying principles for credible, transparent data to build investment in the housing finance sector across Africa. The Data Agenda Strategy document explains how the Data Agenda project fits into CAHF’s broader Theory of Change, and then unpacks the five key activities we will undertake in pursuit of the Agenda, through a partnership and capacity-building approach:

  1. Collect, assess and curate available data as relevant to CAHF’s overall mission and increased investment in affordable housing across Africa.
  2. Identify data gaps that inhibit market activity and close key data gaps either by:
    • Encouraging key data owners to make existing data available (existing or secondary data that exists but is not disseminated)
    • Encouraging key partners to improve the quality or coverage of data they collect
    • Commissioning partners to gather additional data (primary data)
  3. Integrate, optimise and expand its set of knowledge products and data tools to produce a set of key data outputs that are widely referenced and that directly support CAHF’s broader objectives
  4. Build the capacity of partner institutions to analyse data and engage with data-driven outputs
  5. Promote the importance of accessible, credible data as a catalyst in the affordable housing market


Data Agenda Manifesto Data Agenda Strategy
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