Kenya: Affordable Housing in the Nairobi Metropolitan Area (NMA)

Cytonn Research Team has previously tackled two topicals related to affordable housing:

I. Affordable Housing in Kenya – in April 2018 they talked about whether the delivery of affordable
housing can be a reality and concluded that the initial plan was very useful but some elements
needed to be addressed to increase the likelihood of success, and,

II. Accelerating Funding to Affordable Housing – in May 2020, they discussed ways of accelerating
funding for affordable housing and concluded that there was need to mobilize alternative sources
of funding, particularly the opening up of capital markets access to developers, to provide a lowcost capital raising mechanism.

In this topical, they look into the status of affordable housing in the Nairobi Metropolitan Area (NMA) and
benchmark with more established case studies with the aim of giving recommendations on what can
be done to enhance achievement of the initiative.

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