Kenya Webinar: Supporting the Kenya's Affordable Housing Program - Introducing new Tools & Research to deepen the sector

A key focus of the AUHF Secretariat, Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF), and its partner, a member of the AUHF, FSD Kenya is to provide the tools and information needed to support affordable housing practitioners in doing their jobs and effectively engaging in the market as they are able.

Watch the recording of the event below to see some of the tools we have been working on in the last year.

What to expect:

  1. Regulatory Review – Online book: Access over 130 essential pieces of legislation, statutes, administrative arrangements, and case law that define Kenya’s affordable housing landscape. This living document will stay updated with the latest developments, making it a valuable resource for practitioners.
  2. Nairobi Metropolitan Area Housing Developments Dashboard: Explore ongoing housing developments across the Nairobi Metropolitan Area. Are your developments included? This interactive tool not only showcases developers’ work but also provides market insights for stakeholders.
  3. Open Access InitiativeGain insights into construction costs supporting a deeper understanding of the market, and the demand side of affordable housing, as part of the wider FinAccess project.
  4. Making Housing Markets Work in African Cities: CAHF has recently launched a free online course with a specific focus on Kenya.


We believe that this webinar will provide invaluable tools and knowledge for housing finance professionals across Africa. Your feedback is highly valued as we collectively work towards advancing the affordable housing sector on the continent.

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