Presentation: Understanding metro residential property markets

In partnership with Cities Support Programme (CSP) and the South African Local Government Association (SALGA), CAHF has recently established a Community of Practice (COP) on Human Settlements Finance. The purpose of the COP is to provide a platform for the sharing of research and good practices on residential property markets and the built environment finance framework in order to strengthen municipal planning, budgeting and policy-making.

At the first meeting of the COP in Cape Town on 22 November 2019, CAHF shared research on residential property markets in order to assist municipalities to utilize this data in their planning and policy-making. Drawing on findings from CAHF’s eight metro reports published in 2019, the presentation focuses on four key issues:

  • The impact of government-subsidised housing stock on metro property markets….and rates policies
  • How metro spatial planning impacts housing affordability
  • Estates vs. free hold vs. sectional title: How can metros use zoning to improve integration?
  • Understanding lending patterns: How can metros partner with banks to improve access to affordable housing?

The intention of the presentation is to explore the realities reflected in the analysis of the deeds data, and then to ask how metros can impact on their residential property markets–in pursuit of greater integration and inclusivity–using the levers available to them as local government.

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