Press Release: Launching the Nigeria Housing Data Dashboard

According to the Nigeria Living Standards Survey of 2018, 40% of Nigeria’s 41m households live in urban areas. The majority of these 16,2m urban households live in accommodation that is not overcrowded and generally constructed of formal building materials. More than half (52%) however, share their toilet facility. Just over 5,2m urban households own their dwellings, but of these, only 1,3m have a title deed to prove their tenure. Over 2m urban households who claim to own their own home say they have no proof of such ownership. Of the 1,3m urban households who claim to have a title deed for their home, only 18 840 have at least one household member who has ever attempted to borrow money or obtain a loan in the 12 months before the 2018 survey, for a housing-related purpose.

This data, collected in 2018 by Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics and made publicly available on their website, has been fashioned into a dashboard by the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa, the Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company, and 71point4, with funding from AFD.

The dashboard visualizes key indicators linked to household and dwelling characteristics. Filtering options enable users to tailor their exploration either by owner or renter households, exploring the mortgageability of dwellings in Nigeria and the mortgage eligibility of potential borrowers. The dashboard provides the data needed by housing policymakers, investors, and researchers to understand the challenges and opportunities in Nigeria’s affordable housing sector – using already publicly available data, presented in an easy-to-read format.

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