AFR Study: Rwanda’s affordable housing sector: overview of the institutions, policies and legislation that shape the sector

This review of Rwanda’s affordable housing sector and its financing was commissioned by Access to Finance Rwanda and undertaken by CAHF in partnership with 71point4 and local consultant Fatou Dieye.  Eight reports are available.  This report was prepared by David Chiwetu of CAHF.

Rwanda’s affordable housing sector is supported by policies and legislation that span multiple departments in government. A highly detailed collection of policies, laws, instructions, and other imperatives together comprise the policy and legislative framework.  This report provides a high-level summary of the institutions, processes and regulations that govern the delivery of affordable housing with the intention of identifying opportunities for AFR to collaborate with stakeholders to address policy and regulatory constraints.

To start with, below is an illustration of the institutions operating both at the national and the local levels;

Stakeholder Map

The review also covers four over-arching, cross-departmental policies that shape Rwanda’s overall policy environment for affordable housing:

[1] Note that the list of legislation presented below may not exhaustively characterize the legislative and regulatory environment of Rwanda’s housing sector

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