The Impact of Housing on African Economies

Research on the impact of housing on the economy is a subject of interest around the globe. CAHF has developed a unique methodology, suited to the African context where data is sparse, to quantify and map the impact of housing on a country’s GDP. The research—undertaken in South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria–allows comparison across the continent on the relative impact of housing, as well as the breakdown of intermediate inputs vs. Gross Value Added in the housing economic value chain.

In a presentation to a webinar session hosted by the African Union for Housing Finance (AUHF) 27 October 2021, David Gardner presented a high level summary of the research. The presentation addresses:

  1. What impact does housing have on developing economies and where is this impact felt?
  2. How do we understand the local housing market in which they operate?
  3. How does the housing sector lobby for ‘housing policy playtime’ on national economic agendas unless we have facts?
  4. What products, in what market segments, are we supporting and how do we grow the market?
  5. How can we use these insights to improve housing outcomes and impact?

More information on the housing economic value chain research, as well as links to the different reports, can be found here.

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