TUHF Talk on Trends and Opportunities in Downtown Joburg Property

TUHF recently held another of its regular presentations to discuss the trends and opportunities that are available to property entrepreneurs, giving real insight into TUHF’s particular spaces – the inner cities.

The Talk was hosted by Paul Jackson, CEO of TUHF Limited.

Gabri Viljoen, from KPMG, gave insight into combatting illegal and fraudulent activities. The KMPG ethics line assists in this regard through its whistle-blowing hotline.

Andrew Schaeffer, CEO of Trafalgar Property Management, shared insights regarding valuations, vacancy rates and trends around good rental building configurations, particularly relating to properties in the Inner City.

Christian Gable, from the Rebel Research Group, shared results of recent research on the Formal Rental Housing Market in Johannesburg Inner City. This indicates that when it comes to the different types of property, nationally there is an increased preference and demand for smaller self-contained units.

Captain Zondo from the Braamfontein Police Station spoke briefly regarding safety for property owners and their tenants in the Joburg Inner City.

Click on the links below to download their presentations:
Gabri Viljoen – Information on the Fraud Hotline
Andrew Shaeffer – Trends & opportunities in the inner city Joburg multi-unit property market
Aubrey Schneider – Trends in affordable mutli-unit products
Christian Gable – Conducted a study on the Formal Rental Housing Market in Johannesburg Inner City
Captain Zondo – Safety for property owners & their tenants in the Joburg Inner City

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