Urban Lab Initiative: Workshop 1 Report

In January 2024, CAHF, the University of Rwanda, and GIZ invited participants from Rwanda’s affordable housing sector to participate in a single-day workshop as part of an Urban Lab. The Urban Lab is a process supported by MININFRA and the City of Kigali and has the purpose of reviewing and contemplating recent research that has been undertaken on Rwanda’s affordable housing sector and applying these insights to a consideration of a housing response for urban Rwandans earning a household income of less than Rwf 200,000. Participants came from the public and private sectors, as well as the DFI community.

The report highlights the sessions covered during the workshop, featured speakers and outstanding comments from the participants.

Presentations made during the workshop are also available here:

  1. Overview of the Affordable Housing in Rwanda: Demand Side Challenges by Illana Melzer, 71point4
  2. Overview of the Affordable Housing in Rwanda: Supply Side Analysis by Fatou Dieye (Consultant)
  3. Voices of Materials Suppliers, Builders and Findings from Focus Groups by Jean Sauveur Uwintwari, University of Rwanda
  4. Innovative International Case Studies on Housing and Housing Finance by Beatrice Mwangi, CAHF
Workshop 1 Report: GIZ Urban Lab in Rwanda

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