On the 15th of February 2023, CAHF in partnership with the AUHF hosted a webinar to share insights from the Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook 2022- 13th Edition, which covers 55 countries and 5 regions of the continent.

The webinar saw the attendance and participation of 62 stakeholders from the housing industry and the program included;

  • An Introduction by Paul Jackson- Chair AUHF Lobbying and Advocacy Committee & TUHF
    Limited CEO, and Moderator of the Webinar
  • A Presentation by Alison Tshangana- AUHF Secretariat, and
  • Author Remarks by Ronald Igbinoba- Nigeria Profile Author

The Presentation covered;

  1. Data Availability
  2. Prevalence of Climate Change in African Countries
  3. Climate Change Impact on Housing, Housing Impacts on Climate Change
  4. Green and Housing Affordability

To download the presentation, see the link below:

Below is the webinar recording.





Download Presentation

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