Making Housing Markets Work in African Cities: understanding the role and opportunity of finance

A free massive open online course (MOOC)

Housing finance in Africa matters. The lack of adequate and affordable housing requires action.

Because how housing is financed impacts on what housing we build, it impacts on how we build housing, and it affects how housing supports our lives and livelihoods. Many households across Africa do not have a home to comfortably stay in, let alone work in. There are innovative approaches that can make a positive difference to housing on the continent.

This MOOC tackles key questions around affordable housing through an in-depth exploration of housing finance in African cities:

  1. How does housing impact the economy?
  2. What is the demand for and affordability of housing?
  3. What are housing supply networks?
  4. How are the steps to constructing, maintaining and   transacting housing financed across African settlements?
  5. What are the innovative financial instruments?
  6. How can these be expanded down-market?

The course is for all housing professionals-including developers, lenders, small scale organisations, micro-builders, bankers and all practitioners in Africa who  wish to understand more about affordable housing finance for better housing outcomes, better future cities and a more prosperous Africa. Input is provided by expert practitioners and academics at the cutting edge of new and innovative approaches to housing finance on the continent with interactive and engaging content which brings together experiences from multiple African cities through case studies and discussion forums.

To sign up for the course, register on the African Cities Lab’s Open edX platform for free by clicking here.

Once registered, select the course titled Making Housing Markets Work in African Cities: the role and opportunity of finance.



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