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CAHF on Twitter

4 days ago
Excellent progress and so much to be learned across the breadth of #mortgage markets. Let us know how we can help with data and analytics for African markets. We look forward to hear more. @AUHF_Housing
CAHF_Africa photo
WBG_Finance @WBG_Finance
Launched! International Secondary Mortgage Market Association (ISMMA).
Exchanging ideas & sharing knowledge to promote housing finance markets. #Housing4All
1 week ago
Excellent that the Dangote Foundation is championing housing. There are systemic issues in Nigeria’s housing sector that would also benefit from the Foundation’s attention. How broad will they extend their efforts?
2 weeks ago
So much opportunity for innovation in small scale rental and incremental home improvements- this will be a brand new market
2 weeks ago
Experiences with housing Microfinance across Africa create an real case for new investment into incremental housing processes. Well done @Habitat_org @fsduganda @FSDKe
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Habitat for Humanity Uganda @Habitat4uganda
Free market is part of Housing solution for low income earners
The Building Assets Unlocking Access project opens doors for families earning as little as $ 50 per month to access incremental loans for incremental improvements of their houses
2 weeks ago
An excellent #MassiveSmall initiative is @TUHFLtd in South Africa
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WBG_Finance @WBG_Finance
When we think housing solutions, we think huge development. But the future is small initiatives, where individuals are building quality houses in their own backyards. It's called #MassiveSmall

--Kecia Rust @CAHF_Africa

Watch 📺 #Housing4All
3 weeks ago
Stark realities of how households really acquire housing in Zambia #Housing4All @fsdzambia @AUHF_Housing CAHF_Africa photo

Instagram: Houses of Africa

  • housesofafrica mozambique A study was commissioned by FSD in early
     #housesofafrica   #mozambique  A study was commissioned by FSD in early 2017 to chronicle how households have invested, and still plan to invest in their housing; the financial tools they’ve used; and the reasons for their particular housing investment decisions. The Mozambican Housing Investment Chronicles, a collection of data-rich stories on the
  • In Uganda a 10000 houseloan would cost 234month and 22678
    In Uganda, a $10,000 house/loan would cost $234/month, and $22,678 over the term, at an interest rate of 22.0% over 7 years. In addition, the borrower would be required to make a 30% deposit. All else being equal this is affordable to 2.5% of the urban population. Find out more
  • housesofafrica Mzigos are one room structures largely used by Ugandas
     #housesofafrica  Mzigos are one room structures largely used by Uganda's low income earners and students. These were one of the many structures our team engaged in our most recent trip to Uganda. The overall goal of CAHF’s engagement in Uganda is to stimulate investment along the housing value chain. Targeted
  • Louisar House in the southeastern part of Johannesburgs CBD is
    Louisar House in the south-eastern part of Johannesburg’s CBD is like an oasis in the middle of the rough inner city. Financed by TUHF (, the building is nicely refurbished and well maintained. Playground on the roof. Clean, quiet hallways. A common room with free WiFi. Functioning new lift. Rents
  • This formal sectional title in Ethipoia is a prime example
    This formal sectional title in Ethipoia is a prime example of the rapid development and urbanisation happening across the country. To meet this demand, the government has engaged in ambitious urbanisation programme, financing the construction and purchase of housing with its Integrated Housing Development Program (IHDP). This is an attempt
  • housesofafrica About 70 of households in Mozambiques capital city Maputo
     #housesofafrica  About 70% of households in  #Mozambique ’s capital city,  #Maputo , live in informal housing with poor access to services - even in the inner city. A project in Poland Canico A, an area less than 3km from the city centre is trying to address this with an innovative land value
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