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13 hours ago
Don’t forget the critical role of housing finance in a household’s balance sheet. The house itself is a financial instrument. A critical part of #financialinclusion
19 hours ago
Rental is a critical housing option in any economy and for all income groups and market segments, enabling filtering and sustainable property market performance. Its not either /or. via @allafrica
2 days ago
Understanding Demand For Housing Microfinance In South Africa - a critical issue when mortgage finance is inappropriate via @cahf_africa @eighty20coza
2 days ago
We want to understand the landscape of housing investment in Southern, Western & North Africa: 2 new ToRs on our website: both due in December. @FSDAfrica @mfw4a @AFD_France @AfDB_Group @ShelterAfrique
3 days ago
How do we understand #housing #microfinance in South Africa? New report for RHLF, by @Eighty20coza and ourselves:
3 days ago
Can we help share? We’d like to highlight the housing finance specific angle for Africa, mainstreaming data-engaging decision making.See our platforms

Instagram: Houses of Africa

  • housesofafrica These 3bedroom flats Namungoona Apartments in Kampala Uganda gohellip
     #housesofafrica  These 3-bedroom flats, “Namungoona Apartments” in Kampala, Uganda, go for about $300 per month rental - much less than the estimated $1000 per month in bond costs that a buyer of a comparable $80,000 3-bedroom flat would have to pay. The cost of housing in Kampala is among the…
  • housesofafrica Much of the housing in Ugandas capital city Kampalahellip
     #housesofafrica  Much of the housing in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, is self built, with home made bricks baked in the sun. The cost of housing in Uganda is particularly high, with land and infrastructure standing out as the main cost items. Throughout the city, homes like this one are without…
  • housesofafrica tanzania with almost 70 of employees earning 140 ahellip
     #housesofafrica   #tanzania  with almost 70% of employees earning $140 a month, majority of people finance thier homes through loans (at an average of 11.5%) and household savings.
  • housesofafrica The 33rd AUHF conference will be held in Kampalahellip
     #housesofafrica  The 33rd AUHF conference will be held in  #Kampala  this year. This is how some people are housed in Uganda's capital city  #AUHFconference2017  #urbanoctober   #housingforall . Photo courtesy of
  • housesofafrica This is an appartment building in Abidjan 2 plateauhellip
     #housesofafrica  This is an appartment building in Abidjan, 2 plateau, a middle income neighborhood, rents here god from 120 dollars per months for a studio to 800 dollars per months for a 3 bedroom  #housingforall   #urbanoctober 
  • housesofafrica With an urbanisation rate of 443 percent demand forhellip
     #housesofafrica  With an urbanisation rate of 4.43 percent, demand for affordable housing will remain strong, both for rental and purchase. Housing microfinance will play an important role in increasing the supply of housing, and efforts to increase access should be undertaken. The scarcity of available serviced land is both slowing…
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