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1 day ago
Hot Property: The Housing Market in Major Cities - excellent, open access resource from editors Rob Nijskens, Melanie Louis, Paul Hilbers, Willem Heeringa with analyses of global housing market dynamics. @AUHF_Housing @RealUreru
5 days ago
Have you made your nominations for the @APIsummit 2019 Awards? The award for "best affordable housing development" is sponsored by @AUHF_Housing - So cast your vote now! Visit
7 days ago
Congratulations @FSDKe Tamara Cook - the new CEO! We look forward to working with you in promoting access to affordable housing finance in Kenya. Some much space for innovation. via @kenyanwalstreet
1 week ago
Excellent radio journalism to highlight South Africa’s transformation as guided by our National Development Plan. Candid interview with one of the architects, Prof Phil Harrison. Lots of lessons for the continent! Well done!
2 weeks ago
Save $105 by registering early for the @AUHF_Housing annual conference and AGM, this year in Cape Town from 4-6 November in partnership with the International Union for Housing Finance. Visit and register before 14 July!
2 weeks ago
Excellent resource from @landportal on SDG 11: At its most basic, this is what our work in affordable housing is all about.

Instagram: Houses of Africa

  • Over 60 of single family residential units built in Uganda
    Over 60% of single family residential units built in Uganda are built by individual households using savings and income. At about US$8,50 a bag in 2017, the cost of cement is expensive for many - average annual per capital income in 2016 was US$770. Home made brick kilns line the
  • On the road between Entebbe and Kampala in Uganda small
    On the road between Entebbe and Kampala in Uganda, small bungalows double as home and business.  #housesofafrica 
  • housesofafrica mozambique A study was commissioned by FSD in early
     #housesofafrica   #mozambique  A study was commissioned by FSD in early 2017 to chronicle how households have invested, and still plan to invest in their housing; the financial tools they’ve used; and the reasons for their particular housing investment decisions. The Mozambican Housing Investment Chronicles, a collection of data-rich stories on the
  • In Uganda a 10000 houseloan would cost 234month and 22678
    In Uganda, a $10,000 house/loan would cost $234/month, and $22,678 over the term, at an interest rate of 22.0% over 7 years. In addition, the borrower would be required to make a 30% deposit. All else being equal this is affordable to 2.5% of the urban population. Find out more
  • housesofafrica Mzigos are one room structures largely used by Ugandas
     #housesofafrica  Mzigos are one room structures largely used by Uganda's low income earners and students. These were one of the many structures our team engaged in our most recent trip to Uganda. The overall goal of CAHF’s engagement in Uganda is to stimulate investment along the housing value chain. Targeted
  • Louisar House in the southeastern part of Johannesburgs CBD is
    Louisar House in the south-eastern part of Johannesburg’s CBD is like an oasis in the middle of the rough inner city. Financed by TUHF (, the building is nicely refurbished and well maintained. Playground on the roof. Clean, quiet hallways. A common room with free WiFi. Functioning new lift. Rents
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