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2 days ago
Access our 2020 Yearbook at
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According to the 2020 CAHF housing yearbook an estimated 6.5 million households are likely to be able to afford a house priced between the US$8 040 (Millard Fuller Foundation house) or a prototype costing US$10 000.
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4 days ago
This year’s 2020 Yearbook was a product of so many contributors: 45 authors, twelve external editors, and 35 sponsors! Not to mean toon the CAHF team, friends and family. Thank you to all - we are so grateful for your support. Visit CAHF_Africa photo
1 week ago
Affordable housing must be part of African economic recovery plans in a post #COVID19 era - housing can contribute as much as 16% to national economies! See the @AUHF_Housing annual declaration, agreed last week. @UNHABITAT_ROAF @AfDB_Group @AUChair2020 @mfw4a
2 weeks ago
Very happy to have the active participation of @WAfricaHousing in our 2020 yearbook!
2 weeks ago
Explicit attention to the regularisation of title deeds would have a massive impact on township economic development - working property markets must be part of our economic recovery strategy
3 weeks ago
Presented by: Shalabh Sharma, Deputy General Manager, HDFC Bank, India
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Instagram: Houses of Africa

  • On the street where I live...
  • In its demonstration phase Casa Minha has constructed modular houses, designed for incremental extension, and targeted to the urban middle and upper middle class market. This Model B type house can have between 2 and 3 bedrooms. The house occupies 100 square metres on a plot size of 115 square
  • The Casa Minha project is modelled on densification, supply in exchange and cross subsidisation. This is a Model A, twinned type two bedroom house, with two two-storey homes built on the same plot of land in a neighbourhood that connects to prime areas of Maputo city. Once sold, one home
  • Casa Real’s developments have demonstrated the possibility of building affordable homes in Beira. Pictured here are two one bedroom homes valued at US$10 000 each. Each unit is 22 square metres and is complete with a foundation for incremental expansion. Given the housing affordability profile and challenges of end user
  • Casa Real in the City of Beira has ten fully complete affordable houses on its site, which is in close proximity to the main highway and access to public transport routes. The plot sizes are an important part of the affordability impact. The local municipality approved for the homes to
  • Audacious effort by Ithemba Property to bring residential into the eastern part of the Johannesburg CBD. Jewel City is an inner city conversion and new build effort: shops, schools, a clinic, businesses, and affordable rental. This is the new brand of inner city living: tiny flats that don’t feel tiny,
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