Housing Finance in Angola


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Angola is a lower middle-income coastal country in southern Africa, bordering Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. With a GDP growth rate of 2.13% in 2018, the economy remains overwhelmingly driven by oil production. The country continues to face significant challenges in trying to structurally diversify and reduce its dependency on oil. Large pockets of the population live in poverty, without access to basic services. Under a recently formed administration, economic reforms are focussed on restoring macroeconomic stability, improving revenues from the non-oil sector, fostering private sector growth and closing social gaps.

Commercial bank lending has broadly not supported housing and productive sectors. This combined with a lack of clear legislation on mortgages has resulted in limited funding options for housing consumers. Through the establishment of KixiCrédito, incremental housing micro-finance products were developed to fill the gap between government subsidy programs and the traditional sector. This opened up opportunities to serve the low income and ‘unbanked’ population.

While the government’s national housing program has not been successful at reducing the severe housing deficit, the private housing construction sector has similarly not delivered adequate housing units.

As a consequence of Angola’s current recession, which also triggered a banking crisis, the real estate sector has suffered from weakening demand and supply. Property prices in both sale and rental markets have also fallen due to losses in purchasing power. The real estate market is further hampered by shortcomings characterising Angola’s land tenure system. Consequently, the real estate market has lost a significant amount of private investments, leaving several unfinished housing units. This presents a market opportunity for new financing, and particularly housing improvement loans in the form of micro-credit.

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Each year, CAHF publishes its Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook. The profile above is from the 2019 edition, which has up-to-date profiles for 55 African countries.

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