Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook

The Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook is an annual publication by the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF), produced with contributions of over 30 local experts throughout the continent. The Yearbook provides housing finance practitioners, investors, developers, researchers, government officials and other stakeholders with the latest developments in the housing finance sector for each country. It highlights the opportunities available for new initiatives, places special emphasis on the key challenge of housing affordability and hopefully helps practitioners find one another as they strive to participate in the sector.

The 9th edition of the Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook covers 54 African countries and five regions, and is produced in both English and French. Targeted at housing finance practitioners, investors, developers, researchers and government officials, the 2018 Yearbook provides an up-to-date review of practice and developments in housing finance and delivery in Africa, reflecting the dynamic change and growth evident in the market of each country over the past year. In addition to 54 country chapters, regional profiles for Southern, West, North, Central and East Africa discuss trends and provide useful reviews of regional developments, including infographics to present and summarise critical data points, including mortgage lending terms, the price of the cheapest newly built house, and rankings on the ease of doing business.

Of course, the Yearbook is not comprehensive, neither in the scope of countries covered nor the data provided. It is intended as an introduction, with the hopes that the detail provided will whet the appetite for more. CAHF invites readers to provide comment, and share data and what they are doing in housing finance in Africa.

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